Quality Control

Quality is very important for products in all industries. In order to ensure the quality of our doors, we have adopted five processes to control the door including material inspection, visual inspection, mechanical inspection, dimensional inspection and packaging inspection.

01 Packaging Inspection

  • Inspect necessary packing marks including size, material, weight and quantity. In order to make sure our doors are shipped to customers intactly, we usually pack them with foam and wooden boxes.
  • 02 Material Inspection

  • All of the material are verified to ensure no visible damages or defects. When raw materials are back to our factory, our QC would check them all and materials would be re-checked in production.
  • 03 Visual Inspection

  • Verify to ensure the surfaces of the door or frame do not contain open holes or breaks.
  • 04 Mechanical Inspection

  • In order to ensure the quality of the doors, we use an appropriate inspection machine, equipped with qualified inspectors to control all the processes of inspection.
  • 05 Dimensional Inspection

  • Inspect the thickness, length, width, and diagonal length of the doors. Right angles, warping and symmetric difference measurements are verified.